First Aid Kits

Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) supplies a range of first aid kits to help you prepare for any first aid emergencies which may happen whether you're at work, at home, on holiday, at sports events, on the road and when you’re out with friends and family. Its fact that injuries/illness might happen at anywhere that you have to prepare for that once it comes about.
With a Dar es Salaam Flying Doctor First Aid Kit, you’re always ready to respond to minor medical emergencies. You can buy first aid kits from our office including First aid kits in various sizes, suitable for your workplace or home, Travel / compact first aid kits, suitable for you to put in your car or bag, Refills and replacement items etc.
We make kits for every purpose, from single-person portable kits to large kits for high-risk workplaces. Every First Aid Kit has been skillfully compiled to suit its purpose, you can simply select the right kit for your situation.

Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) personal sized first aid kits are designed for small medical emergencies that happen around the home. Pocket, personal first aid kits contain basic first aid supplies to treat those minor first aid emergencies like cuts and scrapes. Keep in the Bag, or when you’re on holiday or having an outdoor adventure to be prepared in the event of an emergency. We advised you to choose the personal kit that is perfect for your needs, either completely disposable or a refillable first aid box.
Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) ensure you have a smaller first aid kit in your vehicle, truck or van, ready to attend to any small medical emergencies when you are out and about away from home. Designed for first aid injury treatment and are ideal for use in commercial and fleet vehicles as well as private cars. These specialty first aid kits contain a number of first aid equipment including bandages, dressing pads, eye wash, first aid tape, cold compresses and much more, all enabling you to provide first aid treatment to a number of injuries you may encounter on the road.
Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) has a range of high quality sports first aid kit bags that are packed with essential first aid items for your sports team. Whether you need a sports first aid kit for football, a run on bag for hockey, a touchline bag for rugby, a sports physio bag for basketball, a pitch side bag for lacrosse or a sports first aid kit bag for gaelic football.
Be prepared for small medical emergencies that can happen when you’re on holiday, at sports events or out with friends and family- you'll find the right sports first aid equipment here.
Travel first aid kits are small enough to pack and take with you in carry-on bags, backpacks, briefcases or suitcases. Our travel first aid kits are designed to handle most minor emergencies that occur when traveling including minor cuts and scrapes. Compact kits are easy and lightweight to carry wherever you go. Be prepared for small medical emergencies that can happen when you’re on holiday, travelling events or out with friends and family. Select the travel first aid kit equipment that’s perfect for you.
Be prepared for use during first aid emergencies including burns with specialized Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors Kits, trauma situations and for use by first responders. Our first responder kits contain the most commonly used first aid supplies in emergencies including wound dressings, glucose, emergency blankets and emergency scissors etc. Packed in easy to carry and take anywhere first aid and trauma bags are easy to store and carry with handles and shoulder straps. Select and buy the emergency response kit that perfect for your situation. Attend to emergencies.
Whether you're a business owner or the person responsible for the health and safety of employees, visitors or customers, every business needs to be aware of potential injuries that could occur. Having a stocked first aid kit is an essential requirement used to address all of those potential injuries, illness and accidents. DFD has everything you need to comply with the OSHA standard including the list of first aid supplies you need and tools that will help you restock your workplace first aid kits so that you stay in compliance.
Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors provide high quality refills and replacement items that will meet or exceed your expectations whilst remaining economically competitive. Whether you are trying to refill a small personal first aid kit that you use at home or on the road or a large industrial workplace first aid kit, we have the first aid refill supplies for you. We've assembled first aid kit refill packs for a variety of uses to make it easier for you to refill your existing first aid boxes, cabinets, first aid bags and packs.
Refilling your workplace first aid kits with quality supplies and updated to be compliant with OSHA is a necessity to doing business. We've got all the first aid kit supplies required. If you need to refill your first aid kits, we've got great tools that show you how and make it easy. Choose the type of kit your need to refill from Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors.

First Aid Supplies

DFD supplies adhesive first aid bandages in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes including fingertip, knuckle, extra-large, patch, bulk bandages and elastic bandage strips.
Our gauze selection includes various sizes and styles of gauze dressings including gauze rolls, gauze sponges, conforming gauze, abd pads and medical dressings. We supplies quality gauze products from certified manufacturers.
DFD carry a selection of travel size personal hygiene items including soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving cream, razors, disposable razors and combs as well as a selection of other personal care items. No need to purchase large case quantities of personal hygiene items, we sell them individually so that you can purchase just the products you need in the quantities needed. Great for travel or to use in your emergency preparedness or bug out bags. Use in schools, shelters, camps and organization or workplaces.
DFD supplies antiseptic first aid for treating minor skin wounds, cuts and scrape helping to prevent infection. We supplies antiseptic solutions used to clean wounds before bandaging and antiseptic creams and ointments applied to wounds to help prevent infection. We offer pre moistened alcohol and antiseptic wipes that are perfect for first aid kits or to take with you when you go. Our antiseptic first aid sprays make it easy to apply antiseptics to wounds quick and painless.