Dar-es-salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) staff shall operate in a fully transparent manner. All regulatory decisions shall be conducted without prejudice, with respect for the interests of all stakeholders and in a fair and completely transparent manner. Detailed information on l the provision of medical emergency services shall be shall be communicated openly to all stakeholders.


Dar-es-salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) staff shall not seek or accept gifts, favours or inducements, financially or otherwise, in the course of discharging their duties. In addition, DFD shall not offer gifts, improper favours or inducements.


Dar-es-salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) staff shall treat clients and colleagues with courtesy. Staff shall regard themselves as servants of the people, and will be particularly considerate when dealing with vulnerable members of the public specifically victims of accidents at and after the scene.


Dar-es-salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) staff discharge their duties including making decisions with which they shall be bound and answerable. Their conduct shall be in a manner that shows readiness to take full liability and responsibility for the outcome of their decisions.


Dar-es-salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) staff shall attend all their duties with the highest degree of professionalism.


Dar-es-salaam Flying Doctors (DFD) staff shall treat all stakeholders and clients with impartiality and fairness. The conduct of all staff and the decisions of individual staff as well as those of the Authority shall at all times imply this value.

Dr. Charles Mnasizu

Managing Director

Dar-es-salaam Flying Doctors