We provide a wide range of 24 Hrs. Ambulance Services to both Local and International destinations; employing fully equipped ambulance units with well-trained personnel on Emergency Medical services.

We have qualified and experienced Doctors, Paramedic and EMT Drivers who provide professional Road and Air Ambulance Services. For surveillance purposes, we have fully Equipped, Standby teams stationed at strategic locations such as; at construction Sites; Industries hospitals, beside selected streets and highways. We also provide medically accepted care in shifting patients from one place to another by air and road to desired destinations.


Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We use ambulances, four-wheel drive vehicles, rapid response units, motorcycles and other specialised vehicles to ensure that we can promptly reach any client at any time, the day despite of type of terrain, weather or location.

Other emergency Ambulance related medical services include:

  • * Transporting patients for pre-arranged hospital admissions and to hospital outpatient clinics
  • * Transferring patients between hospitals or from hospital to their respective homes
  • * Assisting the police and fire service agents by providing medical care support during emergency cases.
  • * Arranging for appropriate logistics and crews for air ambulance flights
  • * Monitoring Dar es Salaam Flying Doctors Medical Alarms through our Clinical Control Centre in Dar es Salaam.